Forest Voices Tour


In March 2014 Global Music Exchange (GME) organised the pilot tour. We took the all Baka band Orchéstre Baka Gbiné to 5 Baka communities around the Dja Reserve in East Cameroon.

The concerts attracted the Baka from the area and after the music we showed films. These films were mainly in the Baka language and were designed to encourage people to talk about their problems, dreams and experiences on camera. We were therefore able to collect 1st hand testimonies from the Baka themselves so that people can learn what the Baka themselves think.
You can read the diary of the pilot tour HERE

The tour had an impact far greater than we could have imagined. The only criticism was that we didn’t go to enough communities.

So in December 2015 we organised a second tour and went to 10 communities in the East and South regions of Cameroon. More Baka voices were collected and a film of the tour was made. Watch it HERE

We are now planning a third tour at the end of 2018

You can be part of this project by helping to finance future tours.

You can also help by buying the Baka’s music – all their royalties go to the communities via the charity Global Music Exchange

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