Forest Voices Tour

The latest fund-raising campaign by Global Music Exchange

The Baka are hunter-gatherer semi nomadic forest people.They have  a rich culture that has lasted thousands of years. The were known as “the dancers of the gods” by the Pharaohs of Egypt.

Their way of life is currently being threatened by being forced to live in roadside villages supposedly for their own benefit. Unfortunately discrimination and abuse prevent them benefitting from the education and healthcare that is promised to them.

Their views are rarely listened to as it is too complicated to get sufficient numbers together to ask them, and when there are consultations they are dominated by their oppressors so they cannot speak freely.

The Forest Voices Tours have proven to be very effective at bringing the Baka population together where they can be informed about the current situation and their views can be documented on camera.

For the first time they are being given a voice.

We are planning a third tour at the end of 2018. You can be part of this project by helping to finance the 2018 Forest Voices Tour.


You can also help by buying the Baka’s music – all their royalties go to the communities via the charity Global Music Exchange

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