Forest Voices Tour

The latest fund-raising campaign by Global Music Exchange

The Baka are hunter-gatherer semi nomadic forest people. They have a rich culture that has lasted thousands of years. The were known as “the dancers of the gods” by the Pharaohs of Egypt.

They are being forced out of their forest home to live in roadside villages, supposedly for their own benefit. However discrimination means that all they can look forward to here is a life of exploitation and abuse.

They have had no say in this relocation, they just have to obey the authorities. Forest Voices Tours bring the communities together where they can talk, discuss problems and solutions, and have their views recorded on camera for others to hear.

The Forest Voices Tours have proven to be very effective at collecting statements from Baka who otherwise would not be heard.

For the first time they are being given a voice.

We organised 4 Forest Voices Tours between 2014 and 2019. COVID then disrupted the program, but we are aiming to put on another at the end of 2023, beginning of 2024

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A clip from the concert at the refugee camp, Saturdau December 15th….

You can also help by buying the Baka’s music – all their royalties go to the communities via the charity Global Music Exchange

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